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Wizards of Yore is a game in development for iOS, Android and Desktop platforms. The player takes control of a wizard battling against other casters on a chess board, conjuring creatures to fight on their behalf and casting powerful spells to destroy their opponents.

The game is in active development using the wonderful LibGDX. As normal with mobile games there will be a free edition and then an option to upgrade to get access to more spells and casters!

All feedback is richly appreciated and will no doubt influence the ongoing development of the game.

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Thanks for considering purchasing the game. It's not exactly clear how purchasing the game will work, whether it'll be buying card sets or buying an upgrade from the demo. What you can be sure of it - it will be a fair and friendly price.


The rules for Wizards of Yore are described in this PDF with the intention of some day making a board game based on the same rule set as the computer game. The PDF is not always completely up to date so please bare with me.


The current version can be downloaded from here.

You're downloading an updater that will grab the rest of the game files for you and keep the game up to date while it's still in active development.

Android versions are available for free on google play and to buy on google play

iPhone/iPad builds will come towards the end of the development.

Watch this on YouTube! Watch this on YouTube!